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New! Handicap System and Tournament Manager are now combined together for the price of one! Use one or both, they integrate together.
We call this package, "Club Manager".
  Included with your purchase...
  • One year of service with your club's own unique website address.
  • Built in "Website Designer" lets you create your group's own custom website. Include anything you want on your site. Works on any desktop or mobile device.
  • Handicap up to 16 golfers AND 16 tournament slots prepaid for one year.
    16 x $6 = $96
    Most clubs handicap more than 16 golfers or need more than 16 tournament
    1. Add additional golfers or tournament slots to the Club Manager at anytime! This allows your club time to collect dues.
    2. Price is $6 per additional golfer / tournament slot. (In other words, $6 increases the number of golfers you can track handicaps for by 1 AND also increases the maximum size tournament you can run by 1.)
  • Free mobile Apple and Android apps for golfers.
  • Personalized help and coaching. Club Manager is easy to use, so most customers never require help. But, if you ever need ANY advice or help, don't hesitate to email or call. Club Manager comes with unlimited support.
  • Using the legacy "Desktop Handicap System and/or Tournament Manager"?  We can transfer your club into the new system.   See details...
  Letter from the President...

You'll find this is the best club management system out today.

I guarantee it!

Try it, compare it to the competition, I'm positive you'll be delighted. If not, we will refund your purchase. We have a full money back guarantee!

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Chuck Fain

P.S. Need more information call 1-919-460-7424 or email

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